Brands We Repair

We want to be your number one repair shop in Eagle, ID. Because of this we service all major home appliance brands and are always up-to-date with the latest innovations. Listed below are some of the most popular brands that we work with.

This international powerhouse has its home in Boston and is broken up into multiple segments that include finance, power, healthcare, and of course appliances. GE appliances are one of the leading appliances manufactures in the world.

GE manufactures all manner of home appliances such as A/C units, dishwashers, laundry appliances and more. They are also innovative pioneers and have created fridges that will brew your coffee and ovens that clean themselves. GE has over 150 years’ experience in bringing intelligent design features into your home.

This Korean appliance giant is based in Seoul, South Korea. There are many strings in Samsung’s proverbial bow, but the best-known subsidiary is Samsung Electronics. Samsung makes electronics ranging from smartphones to vacuum cleaners. Their home appliance range also includes fridges and freezers, ranges and ovens, and washers and dryers.

Bosch has its roots in the UK and is powered by its strong innovation policy. They aren’t interested in gimmicks or trends and are instead focused on how their products can make your life better or easier. In a single year, Bosch on average submits 900 patents which are making a huge difference to the appliance industry year on year. They’re well known for their strong design presence and the quality of their machines.

LG aims to make its customers lives better with their appliances. They offer a wide range of appliances which help customers in the kitchen, do the laundry or keep your home clean and nice to live in. They’re well-known for their washing machine and dryer combinations as well as fridges, A/C units, dishwashers, and more.

The thing manufacture Maytag is most well-known for is their unprecedented 10-year warranty on all of their appliances. This shows the faith they have in the quality of the products they produce. Maytag will only work with expert repair services like us here at Joe’s Appliance Repair too. They make washers, dryers, and kitchen appliances too.

Kenmore has been producing home innovations for over a century. Their appliances are well-known for their high levels off efficiency as well as performance, and this is what drives the company forward. They have a very extensive product portfolio that covers almost every home appliance that you could think of.

This brand is a subsidiary of a commercial kitchen giant the Middleby Corporation. They are the largest commercial kitchen appliance manufactures in the world, and this is what gives Viking its USP. They stand out from the crowd because their products give a professional edge to home appliances which makes them popular with home chefs. Then make a variety of kitchen appliances including ranges, ovens, and cooktops, fridges and freezers, as well as dishwashers and more.

Over the years, Frigidaire has learned how to perfectly fuse performance with style and now offers a large portfolio of home appliances. They are most well known for their fridges which come in many forms such as French-door and more compact models. They also make stoves and ranges in gas, electric, and induction, and offer laundry appliances too.

No matter your brand of choice, you’ll probably need to call on a repair service sooner or later. This is where our friendly team at Joe’s Appliance Repair can help you. Give us a call today.