Dishwasher Repair

Your dishwasher is responsible for saving you a huge amount of time and effort, giving you time to focus on more important things instead. Therefore it is understandable to feel inconvenienced when your dishwasher isn’t working correctly.

Don’t resort to washing your dishes by hand. Instead, if you live in or around Eagle, ID, then give Joe’s Appliance Repair a call! We’ll have a professional to you in no time, and will work diligently to have your dishwasher back up and running. We have a well-trained team of technicians and we know how to fix all major brands. We can diagnose the problem fast will be clear with our fees, and fix it the same day too.

We’re also able to undertake preventative maintenance and servicing on your appliance which will help prolong the lifespan of your unit and prevent any problems from occurring.

Why is my Dishwasher Broken?
There are many reasons as to why a dishwasher might fail. Part problems such as those connected to the pump assembly, which can cause leaks, are common, as well as trouble with the heating elements, which can become burnt out. Your unit can also develop clogs in the drain line and develop a defect in the water inlet valve too. When one of these parts gets a problem more issues can quickly surface, which is why you need our help.

You need our expert repair services because DIY repairs are a risk that isn’t worth taking. They often do more harm than good and will cost you more money and time than our services too. We can help you avoid the headache of poking around in a machine you don’t fully understand, and will fix the issue quickly too.

Common Dishwasher Issues

The Water Doesn’t Drain
This issue can sometimes be fixed by cleaning the dishwashers’ drain screen. This problem can be a direct result of not rinsing your dishes before loading the machine. If the screen is clean, then you might have a drainpipe or pump problem.

Noisy Machine
A loud machine is often caused by damaged housing or blockages which affect the performance of the pump. This will usually need replacement parts to fix which we can help you with. If the machine turns off after making these sounds then the motor is probably kaput.

Runs for Ages, But Dishes Aren’t Cleaned
If your washer cycle seems to take an age and the results are poor, then you could be dealing with the thermostat or timer issue. Spotty, poorly cleaned dishes can also be down to the spray armholes, the impeller, or even the heating elements.

Machine Won’t Fill or Won’t Stop Filling
If your unit powers up, but won’t fill or drains fast, then the float or water inlet will need some TLC. To access these parts the lower access panel will need to be removed. Issues with the inlet valve are far trickier as their placement can vary greatly between make and model. Which is where we can help.

Considering Replacements
Careful handling and maintenance can mean your dishwasher can live up to a decade. However, when the top end of this estimate is reached, more issues are likely to occur. If we look at your machine and think that a repair won’t last, or will be too expensive, we’ll always tell you, and recommend a replacement. We’ll even help you install your new unit!

No matter your dishwasher problem we’re here to help, call us today.