Freezer Repair

Let’s be honest, we all take key appliances like our freezer for granted until things start to go wrong. We often forget just how much food our freezer can hold until it breaks and we have nowhere to put it and are facing expensive food wastage.

This is where we come in. Here a Joe’s Appliance Repair of Eagle, ID, we know how stressful freezer breakdowns can be. Contact us and we’ll make sure you have your freezer up and running ASAP, after all, we’re the fastest repair service in Eagle, and are well regarded for our emergency services.

Why Has My Freezer Broken?
There are so many reasons why your freezer can break, which is why you need the professionals. The drainage hose might have become blocked, or the condenser coils might be covered in debris. The evaporator fan might have developed faults or the door seals may need TLC. If it isn’t any of the above then it could be the thermostat, compressor, or the compressor relay.

No matter the issue you should never attempt freezer repair unless you know exactly what you’re doing, and even then should only do so if you have experience working with electricity and are up to date with electrical safety hazards. If you’re not qualified, it’s just not worth the risk of trying.

Trial and error will only see you cause more damage to your appliance and affective its warranty. Worse still you could be risking your own safety or the safety of your loved ones. This is why you need to hire professionals such as our team at Joe’s Appliance Repair. We will fix your machine safely and ensure all repairs are long-lasting and that our work doesn’t breach the conditions of your warranty. We’re also a much more cost-effective solution too.

Common Freezer Problems
If your freezer starts up but is making clicking noises, then your start relay or associated compressor likely have issues. This clicking sound will be easily distinguishable from the usual freezer noises.

The starting relay may have become worn out and won’t be able to power the compressor, if this happens then it will need to be replaced. If you’re still plagued with this issue then you’ll need a new evaporator fan motor or new compressor mounts.

Freezer Runs poorly and doesn’t get Cold.
If your freezer doesn’t start up, then your power supply is disrupted and will need investigating. If the freezer isn’t very cold, then it is likely the airflow is restricted. Try repacking your freezer and if the issue continues, contact us. We’ll be able to tell you if the cause is your evaporator fan or your condenser coils are to blame by taking a quick look.

Leaky Freezer
The water inlet valve is the number one cause of a leaky freezer. However, if this isn’t the culprit then clogs in the drain tube are usually to blame.

Considering Replacements
Freezers have probably the longest life expectancy compared to other home appliances. However once they near the 2-decade mark, they’ll probably need to be repaired far more often and usually you’re better off purchasing a new unit. We can help you pick a model that suits your needs and we can even install it for you. So if your freezer is on the fritz, give us a call today.