Oven Repair

Is the following scenario a common occurrence in your household? You’re excited to bake your batch of cookies or want a quick freezer meal for dinner after a long day only to discover your oven door won’t close or open, or the oven is completely dead, or even stone cold. While your first reaction may be to panic, you should stay calm and call us. If you live in or around Eagle, ID, then call Joe’s Appliance Repair today to schedule a repair appointment. One of our friendly technicians will be dispatched right away to fix your oven. All of our technicians have years of experience repairing all makes of the oven, stove, and cooktop, meaning that we can get you the repairs you need fast.

Why Has My Oven Broken
There are so many reasons why your oven might not be working properly. A part failure such as those associated with the ignition circuitry, the pilot light, the door, the thermostat or the gaskets might cause your oven to fail you unexpectedly.

You may want to roll up your sleeves and undertake your own repairs, but when it comes to your oven we urge you not to. While fixing a crooked dial for example if perfectly fine, delving into the complex inner workings of your oven should only be undertaken by professionals.

Most of us think that DIY repairs will save us money. Whilst for many jobs around the home this is true, when it comes to appliances it’s actually the reverse. Appliance repair requires profession know-how and specialist tools, meaning that trying to make repairs yourself is expensive and likely to cause more harm than good. Also, undertaking DIY appliance repairs can mean your safety is compromised. Appliances are responsible for a fifth of all electrical deaths in the US, so it really isn’t worth putting your life at risk simply because you want to fix it yourself. Call us instead.

Common Oven Issues

The Oven Won’t Heat Up
If your oven remains icy cold when it’s turn on and it is gas, then make sure your pilot light is working correctly. If your oven is electric then you’ll need to check the circuit breaker. If there’s power but still, no heat, then your heating element has probably gone kaput and will need to be replaced. If the grill is the issue then the grill element will need to be fixed instead.

If this still does rectify the issue, then your thermostats may be on the fritz or the thermal fuse had blown. As you can see, when it comes to fixing your oven there can be many suspects that need to be looked at.

The Door is Stuck or Left Open
If the oven door is jammed, or won’t close fully, then you’ve probably developed issues with the hinges or the runner. These parts can be realigned in many cases but may need to be swapped out. If the hinges are fine then it may be the door seal which is preventing the door from closing.

If your oven has a self-cleaning feature, then it is likely the latches are causing the issue which will stop the door from opening and will cause the cleaning cycle to stop too.

The Oven Over Heats
If your ovens sensors or thermostat become damaged then your oven will end up overheating and burning your food to a crisp. If this is happening to you call us ASAP.

Thinking About Replacements
No matter the kind of oven you have, be it a range, built-in, single, or double, its average life span is only around a decade. If your oven is aged we’ll be honest with you and recommend replacement instead of repair, as this will oftentimes be the most economical solution. No matter the issue with your oven, we can help you, so call us today.