Refrigerator Repair

It isn’t until it starts to fail that you realize how important your fridge is to your day to day life. Faced with the increased risk of food poisoning and the cost of food going to waste, it can be easy to become stressed when your fridge is on the fritz. Don’t panic, keep calm and call Joe’s Appliance Repair of Eagle, ID. We’ll send a friendly technician to you on the same day to ensure you’re not left with expensive food waste and can get on with your day.

Our technicians are fully trained and certified and have years of experience fixing all the top brands like GE, Samsung, LG, Frigidaire, Kenmore, Viking, Maytag, and Bosch, and more.

While you await our speedy arrival, buy some dry ice and keep your fridge door closed, to keep your food safe.

Why has your Freezer Broken?
There are many reasons why your refrigerator has broken down. There are usually many reasons behind each scenario too. Common problems include clogs in the condenser coils, issues with the compressor or its relay, the defrost time or heat, the temperature control, the door seals or the door switch.

Some repairs will need simple servicing to fix, while others will need part refurbishment or part replacement. This can be a tricky job and will need to be carefully done to ensure the problem is resolved the first time around.

It is for the above reasons that you shouldn’t try to undertake DIY repairs on your appliance. Appliance repair requires expensive tools and a lot of know-how, meaning costs can rack up fast. If you dive in without knowing what you’re doing you’ll likely only cause more harm than good and affect your warranty also.

So make the smart choice and contact Joe’s Appliance Repair of Eagle, ID instead.

Common Freezer Issues

Loud Noises
If your fridge is making unpleasant or disruptive noises then you may have problems with your evaporator fan or ice maker if you have one. If the sound occurs upon opening the fridge door then it may be the condenser instead. If the issue is the evaporator fan, then you’ll need to seek repairs quickly to prevent further damage from being caused.

Isn’t Cold
If your fridge is warm then it isn’t doing its job. This is usually caused by the condenser coils which can become obscured with muck and grime. You can give this part a thorough clean, but if the problem doesn’t resolve then it is likely the motor or the relay capacitor which powers the condenser instead or even the evaporator fan.

Leaky Fridge
Fridge leaks can be kitchen hazards and are often caused by the water filter, the tank, or the inlet valve. If at fault the water tank will need a complete replacement, however, the issue could be as simple as a poorly installed filter. Try reinstalling the filter and see if this resolves your issues. If not, then it is likely to be an issue with the defrost pan or the inlet valve which will need to be reinstalled.

Do you Need a Replacement?
If you’ve bought a study model and given it good care then your fridge can last upwards of 17 years. However, once it passes this threshold it will likely start to develop problems and should be replaced for a newer model. We can help you to choose the right refrigerator for you and install it too. Call us today.