Washer / Dryer Repair

On average washing machines, breakdowns happen more frequently than any other appliance, though your dryer isn’t too far behind on that list. This is because both machines have a lot of moving parts that come into contact with water.

When one of these machines breaks down the laundry can quickly pile up. Stop this from happening by calling Joe’s Appliance Repair of Eagle, ID as soon as possible. We’ll send an expert technician out to you that has years of experience and is familiar with all the major makes and models. So no matter your problem you know we’ll have the solution for you.

Common Washing Machine Issues

Loud Noises
If a strange noise can be heard during the wash cycle, then your machines pump, motor, belt, or shock absorbers may have issues. It could also be the impeller or motor too. The drive belt can also become old and frayed, causing noises as well. We can replace the belt quickly for you.

If your machine is leaking, then you’re probably dealing with a faulty hose. The hose can become frayed or cracked which allows water to leak. The pump can cause leaks too as it feeds directly into the drain hoses. This part will likely need replacing.

Doesn’t Spin
If your washing machine powers up and fills and drains correctly, but refuses to spin, then it’s likely to direct drive coupling failure that is your problem. This part can be found in different places depending on the make and model of your machine and will need to be repaired or replaced.

Common Dryer Problems

Dryer Won’t Start
If your dryer refuses to power on somewhere along with your power supply there is likely to be a disruption. Check the switches the wiring and the power outlet before moving on to checking the fuse or the breaker which can also affect the power supply.

Issues such as breakages to the terminal block will need to be tested using a live voltage test, and if found faulty will need to be replaced. If it isn’t the terminal block, then it may be the thermostat or the door switch which is causing the problem.

Dryer Doesn’t Heat
Poor airflow will affect how hot your dryer can get. You can try fixing the problem by cleaning out the air duct. If this doesn’t help then it’s likely the thermal fuse has tripped due to temperatures being too high in your dryer. To fix the issue this part will need to be replaced. You may instead have an issue with the heating element which will need replacing too, and failing that your temperature switch, timer, and thermostat will need investigating.

Considering Replacement
Washing machines and dryers can easily last for over a decade given the right care. After this time it is likely you’ll start to notice issues such as those listed above start to occur. We pride ourselves on being completely transparent so if one of our technicians feels that you’re better off replacing your machine, then they’ll always let you know. We aim to have your appliance back to working order in an affordable way, and if that means getting a replacement we won’t lie.

No matter your washer or dryer issue we’re here to help. We offer you affordable and reliable repairs that are of high-quality and work quickly to ensure your day isn’t disrupted. Call us today to see how we can help you.